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TLS Callback Functions, How to execute code during an application's initialization (before entry point) - deinitialization

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Hi all,

I was checking out the new Ollydbg v2.00c (Released 25 Dec. 2007).
Among the new features is the support & recognition of TLS Callbacks.

Here are a couple of articles that describe what are TLS Callbacks:

Description of TLS callbacks at Ilfak's Hex Blog
Manually create a Thread Local Storage (TLS) Callback
Microsoft Portable Executable and Common Object File Format Specification

I have created an application featuring 5 TLS Callback functions.

Turns out the new Ollydbg correctly recognizes them, but only breaks on the first one...
Well, i think it should break on all TLS Callbacks, not only during the initialization of the PE by the loader, but also during deinitialization. What do you think on this?

Anyway, for those interested in the subject, or want to check out the new feature of Ollydbg, here are the related files & projects.

Files Description:

TLSCallbacks - This is the program featuring 5 TLS Callback functions. When you will compile it, it should execute winmain(), because two values need to be updated in the TLS_Directory of the PE. I haven't found a way to set these values through the MS linker, so i ended up coding another little utility, which scans the file for a pattern that precedes the TLS Table and sets the two values in the TLS_Directory (someone could do this manually; this utility is merely intended for automation of the process...).

UpdateTLSDirectoryEntries - This is the aforementioned utility.

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Here are 2 more examples for MASM & TASM.

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samael ,your are right,ollydbgv2.0 breaks only on the first tlscallback.
But i have a small modification for what you said-->It breaks on the first tls callback in the process executable(.exe file)<---
Given an executable which has a tls cllback and is implicitly linked to a DLL and this dll has its own tls callback,what do you think ollyv2.0 will do??
The tlscallback of the Dll will execute then ollyv2.0 will break one the executable's callback.
I think this ollyplugin will do the whole job.It is called TLSCatch.
It sets a one-shot breakpoint on every callback in every loaded module(whether it is the main executable or any DLL).
It was tested on ollydbgv1 and windows XP(may work on Vista).
here is the plugin link
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