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No New Posts Recompile FASM.DLL to 64bit
I've been trying to compile a FASM.OBJ file in 64bit and have been getting no where.
Molajoku 6 5636 29th April 2009 - 12:33 AM
Last Post by: Molajoku
No New Posts   String compare doesn't work
I tried to compare two strings under certain circumastances only, but whatever I do the code is executed.
rilm 3 1328 28th April 2009 - 03:47 PM
Last Post by: rilm
No New Posts   GetNextFile doesn't work
it gives an error in my program but it should be working?
rilm 26 4270 27th April 2009 - 11:17 AM
Last Post by: JimG
No New Posts   ListView Control
is there a way to reference information e.g. a structure to each item in the ListView control?
Jesus 1 980 26th April 2009 - 10:49 PM
Last Post by: shoorick
No New Posts   How To Prevent App From Freezing While Thinking
I want to prevent my app from freezing while doing a long process.
BlackGear 6 1634 26th April 2009 - 01:02 AM
Last Post by: BlackGear
No New Posts   Retrieve contact list from messenger
is there a way to retrieve the contactlist from messenger?
rilm 0 1177 24th April 2009 - 06:34 AM
Last Post by: rilm
No New Posts Put a string in eax
32 bit value, I don't know real much about this so I hope someone can help me a little with it.
rilm 30 10110 22nd April 2009 - 02:31 AM
Last Post by: rilm
No New Posts   Subclassing: What it is and How To implement it
can anybody explain to me what subclassing is and possibly a piece of code how to do it?
Jesus 6 1656 21st April 2009 - 04:51 AM
Last Post by: Jesus
No New Posts   Missing operator in expression
I get this error in the MessageBox and in the FreeLibrary, any ideas why it happens and how to fix?
ShadowRayz 6 5095 20th April 2009 - 08:50 PM
Last Post by: shoorick
No New Posts   CreateRemoteThread
My remote thread make the attach process break down!
terry 1 1338 20th April 2009 - 08:14 PM
Last Post by: terry
No New Posts   InternetConnect Function always returns NULL
everytime I try to connect to a site using the InternetConnect Function, it returns NULL.
Karthikeyan 6 4511 20th April 2009 - 06:20 AM
Last Post by: Karthikeyan
No New Posts   How to read a DWORD value from Registry
I am very new to asm and when it comes to querying a registry value, DWORD in my case, I'm absolutely lost.
gh0sts416 2 3818 17th April 2009 - 12:52 PM
Last Post by: Grincheux
No New Posts I need 4Gb of bools
just wondering the easiest way to produce a 512MB block of data which will allow me to access the 4Gbits of bools.
Feeder74 15 2998 17th April 2009 - 10:44 AM
Last Post by: shoorick
No New Posts   "old guy" Newbie needs advice
Code to test small segment of memory
CNCfixer 1 973 14th April 2009 - 11:38 PM
Last Post by: shoorick
No New Posts   InternetOpen & InternetConnect
I'm trying to make an ftp app...but...
admiral27 7 5338 14th April 2009 - 11:41 AM
Last Post by: babudhi
No New Posts   Help with SearchFile
I don't know how lpFilePart needs to be used; code snippets will clear my doubt.
soumyacodes 0 863 14th April 2009 - 04:53 AM
Last Post by: soumyacodes
No New Posts   Hide values in input field
I was wondering is there any way to hide the text in a control and show ***** etc like it is done in password tools.
soumyacodes 4 1013 13th April 2009 - 05:38 AM
Last Post by: soumyacodes
No New Posts   Comparing two strings
I am trying to figure out how to compare two strings and get the console to output how many characters match.
fiendslyr 6 4514 11th April 2009 - 06:20 AM
Last Post by: soumyacodes
No New Posts   Question about GetCommandLine
is there any possible way to make the GetCommandLine return 2 paths of 2 files?
BlackGear 6 2344 6th April 2009 - 04:12 AM
Last Post by: BlackGear
No New Posts   How to align shortcut key to the right in a menu
I think I have to do something in the resource file but I don't know what.
stapper 9 2084 5th April 2009 - 09:15 AM
Last Post by: XeS
No New Posts   Need help on calculating time delays
this loop holds for 1 second but what if I want to hold 23 msec or something else?
hurry-o 3 1549 4th April 2009 - 08:59 AM
Last Post by: hurry-o
No New Posts   A doubt about lpString when calling GetDlgItemText
does the value provided need to be defined in the data section or as a local variable in the procedure used?
soumyacodes 4 2435 3rd April 2009 - 11:20 PM
Last Post by: XeS
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