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No New Posts   Delay after ending a process
I would like to have this program wait a while after it terminates the required process.
Slider 2 1246 20th January 2009 - 08:21 PM
Last Post by: Slider
No New Posts   File Shred with full source code
shreds a 331 Meg file in 80 secs on an AMD K-6 475 MHz; I was wondering if this works on any versions post XP.
Slider 8 2953 19th January 2009 - 07:30 AM
Last Post by: SeaFarer
No New Posts   Anti Virus bothering me
while coding a snippet I found a real bad side of antivirus programmes, especially for coders.
soumyacodes 3 1261 17th January 2009 - 07:58 AM
Last Post by: ragdog
No New Posts   Color Listview
I am in need for a project where a color listview draws lines in a different color (example EzProcess).
ragdog 1 1346 15th January 2009 - 06:11 AM
Last Post by: farkas
No New Posts   Data Execution Prevention error
Vista default configuration "tries" to prevent STACK buffers overruns
laledesi 4 1326 14th January 2009 - 02:48 PM
Last Post by: laledesi
No New Posts   Email sending application
how to send emails from my application, all the sample source code I have found did not work for me.
low_coder 5 1625 12th January 2009 - 04:54 AM
Last Post by: low_coder
No New Posts Writing a find and replace txt procedure
find and replace text with variables supplied via external application through dynamic linking.
AvidStudent 2 1554 10th January 2009 - 06:25 PM
Last Post by: AvidStudent
No New Posts   Stopping the screensaver
I want to stop the screensaver from starting, then start another program, and then restore the settings of the screensaver.
Slider 0 947 7th January 2009 - 09:06 AM
Last Post by: Slider
No New Posts   Windows API
learn about the Windows Application Programming Interface on Wikipedia.
SeaFarer 0 1059 4th January 2009 - 09:07 PM
Last Post by: SeaFarer
No New Posts   PropertySheet focus problem
I'm using a property sheet with three pages and everything works fine (data entry etc) except the Apply button.
te987 6 2078 1st January 2009 - 07:11 AM
Last Post by: SeaFarer
No New Posts   Win32Asm GUI reference
in my program I want to make a window with objects such as buttons, checkboxes etc.
Bonez92 2 1736 30th December 2008 - 07:40 AM
Last Post by: SeaFarer
No New Posts   Adding nodes to a TreeView
I would like to be able to to add the name of each dll in my applications path as a node in a treeview.
Jesus 1 1082 29th December 2008 - 05:52 PM
Last Post by: SeaFarer
No New Posts   COM - Drop Targets and Shell Namespace Extensions
Creating Desktop namespace items that support dropping data objects onto them.
SeaFarer 38 9847 29th December 2008 - 09:00 AM
Last Post by: SeaFarer
No New Posts   MMX Programming
effectively using MMX in your Assembler or C++ programs
DrakkLord 3 2348 22nd December 2008 - 12:28 AM
Last Post by: SeaFarer
No New Posts   Macros to define procedures without DWORDs
simplifying procedure definitions eliminating the need of the qualified type DWORD.
Vortex 8 3544 16th December 2008 - 08:10 AM
Last Post by: Vortex
No New Posts   How to get info for the font Charset
there is a function GetCharsetInfo and there is also the CHARSETINFO structure but how do I fill the structure in ASM?
habran 0 1613 14th December 2008 - 03:46 PM
Last Post by: habran
No New Posts   A UI look & feel nightmare
about XP's & Vista's button controls - using a manifest file.
laledesi 8 2470 7th December 2008 - 10:29 PM
Last Post by: laledesi
No New Posts   Local DWORD Variable
I have a problem with my Local variable using WM_GETTEXT, lstrCpy and WM_SETTEXT.
ragdog 12 2964 29th November 2008 - 08:50 AM
Last Post by: ragdog
No New Posts   How to update a STRUCT field in a PROC
how to do the same thing when I have as parameter the Structure address?
sqb3ta 6 1834 28th November 2008 - 01:06 AM
Last Post by: ragdog
No New Posts   Slow Recursive File Scan
I have made a little recursive scan function to seek files inside folders and sub folders but it is very slow.
starzboy 1 1065 25th November 2008 - 04:06 PM
Last Post by: ragdog
No New Posts   Browse for folder
To remember the folder was opened
ragdog 0 1144 23rd November 2008 - 08:47 AM
Last Post by: ragdog
No New Posts   FindFiles in Folder and Sub folder
I try to search in a folder and subfolder for files, I am totally mad and desperate with this routine.
ragdog 20 4127 19th November 2008 - 02:52 AM
Last Post by: shoorick
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