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Download Add-Ins for the WinAsm Studio Assembler Integrated Development Environment.

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Download Add-Ins
Category Subcat. File Latest Entry
Add-In Development
Here you can download stuff used for the development of WinAsm Studio Add-Ins.
0 5 Add-Ins Tutorial in Russian
Example Add-Ins
Here you can find some example WinAsm Studio Add-Ins with source code.
0 5 AcceleratorDemoAddIn
Name Votes Downloads Views Entry Date
MELT 3.0
Masm Error Lookup Tool for WinAsm - when you get an error in the output window of WinAsm, you can double click on the error number and it will show you a description for the error.
6 1427 4151 23.Mar.2012 09:58
Maximizer WinAsm Studio Add-In
Maximizer is a very simple Add-In that lets you keep IDE client windows always maximized.
4 1730 5311 17.Mar.2010 06:23
WAForum MiniBrowser
The WAForum MiniBrowser Add-In lets you work with WinAsm Studio and at the same time keep an eye on the last updates of the website.
2 2316 5093 16.Dec.2008 08:02
Shell Integration v1.0.3.3
With the Shell Integration Add-In you can associate/disassociate various file types to WinAsm Studio.
5 3733 7034 16.Nov.2008 15:50
BitMask Add-In
The BitMask Add-In allows you to perform various bitwise operations and see the result.
4 2707 6975 15.Nov.2008 15:05
Versions Manager v1.5.3
The Versions Manager Add-In will help you to manage different versions of your project files.
1 3278 5556 15.Nov.2008 15:04
RTF collection for QHS
RTF collection for QHS is a collection of rich text files ready to be used with the Quick Help System Add-In.

2 2238 4967 15.Nov.2008 15:01
The FastHelp Add-In lets you have own-keeping auto context help on statusbar.
1 1478 4888 15.Nov.2008 14:59
Radix Converter
Radix Converter is a radix (base) converter Add-In that can handle conversions between radix-2 up to radix-60, as well as radix-64.
2 4148 6505 15.Nov.2008 14:57
Quick Help System v3.3
The Quick Help System v3.3 Add-In shows a little help text for the current edited (or selected) word in a new window .
3 3680 6973 15.Nov.2008 06:45
Quick Snippets Add-In v1.1
The Quick Snippets Add-In allows you to create code snippets and link them with a short key sequence.
1 2309 5310 31.Oct.2008 06:35
New Project Wizard v1.3.4.1
The New Project Wizard Add-In replaces the "New Project" and "Properties" dialog boxes with a wizard and also supports enhanced project templates.
10 12072 10231 26.Jul.2008 12:22
ASCII Table Add-In
The ASCII Table Add-In for WinAsm Studio shows an ASCII table and lets you insert the selected characters in the code editor.
5 4407 7866 25.Jul.2008 18:10
MiniDBG Add-In
MiniDBG is an Add-In that adds debugging capabilities to the WinAsm Studio IDE.
4 2805 6839 25.Jul.2008 17:56
Extended Clipboard v1.1
Extended Clipboard Add-In keeps a "history" of all copied text in any running applications.
1 3294 4894 25.Jul.2008 17:55
H2Viewer Add-In
H2Viewer is a WinAsm Studio Add-In that lets you use H2Viewer with MSDN for context help.
1 1584 6566 25.Jul.2008 17:54
Immediate Window for WinAsm Studio
The goal of the Immediate Window for WinAsm Studio is to provide another execution environment.
4 2368 5886 16.Aug.2005 08:45
GColor - Pick Color Dialog
Enhanced pick color dialog shows, in addition to standard colors, the system colors as well.
3 2043 5376 16.Aug.2005 08:01
Code Library v3.4
The Code Library is a place to store and manage the pieces of code (snippets) you use most often.
2 5217 8046 16.Aug.2005 07:52
Expert Addin
The Expert Addin allows you to quickly open ini/vaa/vas files in the code editor of WinAsm Studio.
2 1741 5342 23.May.2005 08:39
ResID AddIn v1.0.1.0
This Add-In scans your project's resource scripts to get the IDs and pastes them in MASM syntax at the caret position.
2 2186 5327 24.Feb.2005 09:45
Enhanced Add-Ins Manager v1.0.0.3
This add-in substitutes the standard Add-Ins Manager window with a new dock-window with enhanced manager features.
2 4547 6003 24.Feb.2005 09:40
Revolver Add-In v1.1
This add-in provides context help for the current word under cursor in the code editor.
2 1889 5062 04.Nov.2004 09:24
Project Information
This add-in prints in the output window some information about the current project.
1 1296 3907 21.Oct.2004 13:53
WinAsm Studio Agent v1.0
It adds it's icon to the system tray from where you can quickly load WinAsm Studio by double-clicking on it.
1 1568 4590 12.Oct.2004 09:18
Project Folder Add-In v1.0.0.4
The Project Folder Add-In opens an Explorer window on the folder of the project.
2 1187 3756 08.Oct.2004 18:58
MSDN Local Search
The MSDN Local Search Add-In adds a new feature to the help menu: context help in local msdn.
1 1180 3883 08.Oct.2004 09:57
OEM/ANSI Converter
The OEM/ANSI Converter Add-In adds new items under the "Format" menu to convert the selected text from OEM to ANSI and vice versa.
2 1036 4944 08.Oct.2004 09:54
Delete Line Add-In
The Delete Line Add-In adds a menu item and hotkey to delete the line where your cursor stands or all lines touched by selection.
0 788 3398 08.Oct.2004 09:49
WinAsm Studio Agent v1.1.0.1beta
The WinAsm Studio Agent Add-In automatically starts up with Windows and adds it's icon to the system tray from where you can quickly load WinAsm Studio.
2 732 3120 06.Oct.2004 11:06
EXE Packer v2.0.2.2
The EXE Packer Add-In automatically launches the EXE packer of your choice after a project build has completed.
3 1816 4897 06.Oct.2004 11:03
CodeBrowser loads the source files contained in any subdirectories found in the CodeBrowser folder enabling you to browse the code.
1 1366 3977 06.Oct.2004 10:54
AddProc Add-In
This AddProc Add-In generates the code for a new procedure based on the details entered or selected.
2 1538 4956 06.Oct.2004 10:52
AddMacro Add-In
The AddMacro Add-In generates the code for a new macro based on the details entered or selected.
1 1247 4403 06.Oct.2004 10:51
MSDN Search
This add-in will add a new menu item in the "Help" menu which will search the selected word on MSDN online.
2 923 3258 06.Oct.2004 10:39
System error codes - WinErr Add-In v2.0.1.7
The WinErr Add-In provides a quick lookup of system error codes and their descriptions.
2 1440 4129 06.Oct.2004 10:29
WinAsm Studio Tips v0.2
This Add-In, at WinAsm Studio start up, will show a window with a random "tip".
3 903 3790 06.Oct.2004 10:22
Project Info Add-In
When run, the Project Info Add-In prints out to the output window various information from the current project.
1 689 3220 30.Sep.2004 11:16

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