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Assembly source code

Assembly source code - Projects in Assembler, ASM source code of programs written using WinAsm Studio.

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Assembly source code
Name Votes Downloads Views Entry Date
InMemory dialog WinAsm Studio template
InMemory dialog WinAsm Studio template is a WinAsm Studio template with full source code to help you create applications consisting of in-memory dialogs

2 1523 4949 10.Jun.2009 09:27 Web Surfer Web Surfer is a tray tool to smart access web pages.

Current Version: 1.4
3 2522 5581 28.Dec.2008 14:21
Menu RC-script generator
Menu RC-script generator is capable of creating an RC script from any running window's menu and save it to a file.
3 1773 5500 15.Nov.2008 16:46
Windows manager
Windows manager shows the complete list of all windows in the system and allows you to change captions, minimize, maximize and reveal the hidden windows.
3 2524 6023 15.Nov.2008 16:45
PNG + RGN Example - Image dialog
PNG + RGN Example, create window region from bitmap (CreateRgnFromBitmap) and use it to display an image dialog.
6 3083 6535 15.Nov.2008 16:45
Find All Files
This program allows you to search files within a folder and all sub-folders for text strings.
5 2679 6769 15.Nov.2008 16:44
This small program prints processor characteristics using CPUID instruction.
4 4271 9667 15.Nov.2008 16:42
Self-Extracting Stub
This is an example of a self-extracting exe stub which could be used, for example, in an installer.
5 3930 11876 15.Nov.2008 16:40
Self-deleting exe (Win98, WinME, Win2000, WinXP)
Self-deleting exe is an example of an executable which can delete itself at program exiting and works under all Windows platforms.
7 3556 8282 15.Nov.2008 15:17
Manage your interlinked thoughts - AsmMindWeb
AsmMindWeb helps you manage your interlinked thoughts by interfacing with the web, your other software and with your wonderful mind.
3 2687 7599 15.Nov.2008 15:12
Simple & Animated gif's - AniGIF
Simple & animated gif's can be played by AniGIF, a custom made control packaged as a static library and a dynamic link library (dll).
5 3310 11589 15.Nov.2008 14:49
EzProcess v1.82 - Processes and Threads Manager
Processes and Threads Manager is a tool that displays all running processes, threads, modules and other important information for your system.
6 2183 5638 15.Nov.2008 11:01
Tiny Web Browser
Tiny Browser is a tiny, fast and easy to build WebBrowser available with full source code written in Assembler.
13 5329 17363 04.Apr.2008 08:16

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